Grow your business

Moncera is an investment platform that brings benefits both for investors and borrowers. Get an alternative way to fund real estate and business projects through business loan for real estate aquisition, development as well as refinancing of existing loans. If your business needs capital to help it flourish then you have come to the right place.


Why choose Moncera?

Moncera offers you an access to an alternative source of funding from its private investors. With a flexible approach and quick decisions, we will help you achieve success in your business.

Flexible approach

Based on all the wishes and preferences of our customers, we can always find the perfect solution for your business.

Quick response

We perfectly understand how valuable time and money are for you, so our answer will not keep you waiting for long.

LTV up to 90%

We offer financing up to 90% of the market value of the loan collateral. Contact us for a personalized offer.

Find out your possibilities

Use our calculator to assess your capabilities by choosing a repayment schedule that suits you. Submit your application for funding and get a response within one or two days. Moncera does not charge a fee for the review and analysis of funding applications.

The information provided by this calculator is preliminary and is used to estimate possible loan interest and payment amount. Fees are available here.

Collateral value (€)
650 000 €
Loan amount
400 000 €
Term (months)
Monthly payment: