Terms and Conditions of the Loyalty Program

1. Definitions

Moncera – a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Estonia under registry code 14866045, who maintains and administers the Investment Platform.

Website – internet website with the address www.moncera.com created and serviced by Moncera.

Participant's Profile – Participant's personal site on the Website, which is automatically created after the Participant registers on the Website.

Participant's Account – an electronic account on the Website that reflects the balance of current virtual funds available for investment.

Participant – user of the Loyalty Program who used the Bonus Code when creating a Participant's Profile on the Website.

Bonus Code – a personal code that enables the Participant to participate in the Loyalty Program.

Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions of the Loyalty Program.

2. General Terms and Conditions

2.1. The procedure for conducting of the Loyalty Program (hereinafter the Campaign) is established by these Terms and Conditions, which are binding to all Participants.

2.2. By participating in the Campaign, the Participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions in conjunction with all other applicable terms and conditions of Moncera Investment Platform.(*)

2.3. The Campaign is valid from 20 October 2020 till 31st December 2020 (incl).

2.4. Participation in the Campaign grants a bonus fee in the amount of 25 (twenty-five) euros (hereinafter Bonus), which is automatically added to the Participant's Account.

2.5. All Participants must be new users of the Website, who did not have a Participant's Profile registered on the Website before the establishment of the Campaign, including a profile registered to another e-mail address.

2.6. Moncera is entitled to change the rules of the Campaign or to terminate the Campaign prematurely for any valid reason (for example, in the event of breaches or abuses of the Campaign rules) by informing the public at www.moncera.com.

3. Participation in the Campaign

3.1. In order to participate in the Campaign, the Participant must enter a bonus code when creating a Participant's Profile on the Investment Platform.

3.2. In order to use the Participant's Profile and the Participant's Account for investment purposes, the Participant must go through the identification procedure in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the Investment Platform.

3.3. When creating a Participant's Profile, a Bonus will be added to the Participant's Account, which can be further invested on the Investment Platform after the Participant has successfully completed the identification procedure.

3.4. Withdrawal of the Bonus is possible under the following conditions:

3.4.1. at least 12 months have passed since the creation of the Participant's Profile on the Website until the date of the withdrawal of the Bonus;

3.4.2. the Participant has transferred funds to Participant's Account in the amount of at least 100 euros;

3.4.3. the income received from the date of registration on the Website until the moment of withdrawal of the Bonus must be at least 10 (ten) euros.

4. Processing of Participant's Personal Data

4.1. The processor of the Participant's personal data is Moncera OÜ.

4.2. The principles of personal data processing (Moncera OÜ privacy policy) are available on Moncera's Website. Moncera processes the Participant's personal data only for the purposes related to the Campaign. By participating in the Campaign, the person confirms that he/she understands and agrees to the processing of personal data according to the rules of personal data processing.

5. Other Conditions

5.1. Moncera is entitled, at any time, to cancel Participant's participation in the Campaign without providing the Participant with such cancellation's reasons.

5.2. If the Participant has any doubts regarding allowed distribution channels and whether his/her activities comply with Terms and Conditions, the Participant may contact Moncera.

5.3. All attempts to manipulate the Campaign rules are not allowed. If Participants are violating the Terms and Conditions, their rewarded Bonus may be cancelled at any time.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. In case of any questions, comments, complaints or requests regarding the Campaign or regarding the use of personal data, you are free to contact Moncera at F. R. Kreutzwaldi 4, Tallinn, Estonia, by phone +372 620 9090 or by e-mail info@moncera.com.

6.2. Any dispute arising from the Campaign shall be settled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia in Harju county court.

(*) General Terms and Conditions of the Investment Platform and for investing the Assignment Agreement, available at www.moncera.com