Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program


Moncera – a limited liability company registered in the Republic of Estonia under registry code 14866045, who maintains and administers the Investment Platform.

Website – internet website with the address www.moncera.com created and serviced by Moncera.

Participant’s Profile – Participant’s personal site on the Website, which is automatically created after the Participant registers on the Website.

Participant – user, who has a Participant’s Profile on the Website and who recommended the services of Moncera to Referral.

Referral – any individual or a legal person who has registered on the Website and has started investing on the recommendation of the Participant.

Terms and Conditions – these Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program.


2.1. The referral program offers volume-based referral income to Participant.

2.2. The referral commission is 1% of all deposits made by an attracted Referral during 2 months. Maximum amount of commission for one referred friend is 200 euros.

2.3. Earned referral income will be added to the Participant’s Profile automatically after the deposit has been made by the Referral.

2.4. The referral program is available from the date the offer is publicly available on the Website (https://www.moncera.com/referral-program) for an indefinite period, unless the termination date is not specified.

2.5. Moncera has the right to terminate or amend Terms and Conditions unilaterally and without individually notifying each Participant. The up-to-date information on the referral program is always available within the Website.

2.6. All attracted Referrals must be new Website’s users, who don’t have an existing profile on the Website yet, including a profile registered with a different e-mail address. In case Moncera detects a fact, that the attracted Referral has a profile on the Website, the relevant attracted Referral’s profile will be blocked and the profile will be deleted in accordance with conditions stipulated in the Agreement.

2.7. Participants won’t receive any referral income if they refer themselves. Referral earnings are not paid for attracted investments of the Participant's relatives.


3.1. In order to start earning the referral income, the Participant should share his unique referral link that can be found in its Participant’s Profile.

3.2. The individual links may be shared in multiple ways:

3.2.1. privately (e.g., via an SMS, or messengers to people the Participant is acquainted with), or in private social network profiles, or via e-mail to people the Participant is acquainted with;

3.2.2. publicly (via paid promotions, public distribution on blogs, public forums, e-mail databases acquired by subscribing on Participant’s web resources). For this type of promotion both links and visual materials prepared by Moncera may be used for sharing the link.

3.3. The Participant is allowed to share its unique referral link in digital channels, excluding the following traffic types: adult/erotic content; doorway traffic; indecent or deceptive content; illegal content upload or download platforms (e.g. torrent files exchange etc.); branded paid search - bidding on terms containing Moncera brand name or any of its variations or misspellings; pop-ups and click-unders.

3.4. The referral program sharing links cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions offered by Moncera via other platforms.


4.1. After the referral income for attracted deposits is received, the payments of respective taxes (if applicable) are the responsibility of the Participant in accordance with its tax residence applicable legislation.

4.2. Moncera is entitled, at any time, to cancel Participant’s participation in the referral program without providing the Participant with such cancelation’s reasons, by requesting the Participant to stop its participation.

4.3. If the Participant has any doubts regarding allowed distribution channels and whether its activities comply with Terms and Conditions, the Participant may contact Moncera.

4.4. All attempts to manipulate the referral program’s rules are not allowed. If Participants are violating the referral program conditions, they may have their referral income suspended or cancelled at any time.