We believe that investing should be accessible to everyone, no matter how much money or experience one has. Therefore we are happy to be part of the fintech companies that are revolutionizing the dynamics of banking, lending and investing. Big institutions are being replaced by flexible and user-friendly startups like Moncera. We contribute to the new financial era by providing a trustworthy peer-to-peer lending platform. Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the financial field and we take great pride in offering a safe and easy marketplace of consumer loans. That is why Moncera is one of the few platforms with attractive returns, Buyback Guarantee, 1 Click Exit and no fees or charges for our investors.

Our office

Our office is located in the heart of Tallinn, on F. R. Kreutzwaldi street. We think that personal touch is very important even in the fast paced financial world. We offer personal councelling and communication, from Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm. You're welcome to step by and discuss investing opportunities. 

Our team is very open and flexible. Feedback from our investors and community is very valuable for us. So, don't be a stranger - contact us and let's discuss your ideas and questions.

Secured by experts

Placet Group OÜ has more than 15 years of experience in the financial field and employs a team of absolute professionals. Hence Moncera has great growth opportunities and bright future ahead in the business concern and everything is simple and safe for the investors. Placet Group operates in 3 markets under 7 brands: smsmoney.ee, smsraha.ee and laen.ee in Estonia; smspinigai.lt and paskolos.lt in Lithuania; credit.pl and sloan.pl in Poland.

Placet Group ultimately ensures the obligations of the Buyback Guarantee are fulfilled.
Company presentation
Last updated: 01.04.2022
Consolidated financials FY 2022
Last updated: 13.07.2022
Placet Group ultimately ensures the obligations of the Buyback Guarantee are fulfilled.

Long term relationships and businesses are built on trust. Transparency and honesty are the solid building blocks for our devoted team.


Investors are at the heart of our company. Presenting excellent service with awesome customer support makes our hearts beat.


Great things happen outside of the comfort zone. Our ambitious team leaves no stone unturned to provide great investing experience.

What is Moncera?
We make investing accessible to everyone
Trusting investors Growing their wealth
Interest paid To our investors
2.43M €
Funded loans By our investors
53883k €
Average interest Beating the banks
Our people

Moncera executive team


Dmitri has a law degree and has served on the Management board of e-commerce, development, and finance companies for over a decade, and will therefore become the new CEO of Moncera.


Gennadi has a degree in IT and business administration and has over ten years of experience in managing a financial company and a savings and loan association.

You can find us!
+372 620 90 90
Mon-Fri, 10:00-19:00
F. R. Kreutzwaldi 4, Tallinn 10120, Estonia

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